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tribute by us senator ken salazar

after ed’s death at the world cup in munich, germany, in 2006, senator ken salazar of colorado read, on the floor of the us senate, a tribute to ed into the congressional record praising him for his efforts towards peace using the vehicle of soccer.

tribute by denver post

here is a tribute that was published in the denver post sports section.

troy eid, ed’s son said, “my dad’s obituary ended up in the sports section of the paper. every man’s dream is to have his obituary published in the sports section.”

tribute by francisco marcos - usl

july 25, 2006 | tampa, fl

we went behind the iron curtain together; we danced with the ukrainians and i got to keep the dancing gear and i have the picture of the two of us making absolute fools out of ourselves; i saw the portugal-france game you were supposed to see, now your memory will help keep that game forever with me even though my team lost because your winning ways will stay with all of those you left behind. give 'em hell up in heaven, ed.

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anyone who knew ed knows there is so much more to this man and his life's story ...

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